In honor of the founders’ heritage, the name Anahau is derived from the Filipino word “Anahaw” (ana-how), the national leaf of the Philippines. The Anahaw leaf, or Livistonia Rotundifolia in Latin, is a very common symbol in the Philippines and is often used to indicate high achievement, strength and loyalty.

The Anahaw leaf is considered one of the most beautiful and versatile plants in the Philippines. Indigenous groups have found many uses for it, from roofing to fans and hats, but the leaf’s core function will always be securing, storing and converting energy via photosynthesis to help plants grow and thrive.

The founders of Anahau Energy were captivated by the idea that a leaf that is light and fragile can play such a crucial role in the creation and management of energy. The role of the Anahaw leaf is similar to Anahau’s role in the field of energy. Anahau Energy uses its vast experience in the natural gas market to provide innovative solutions for today’s energy trading needs, helping its clients radiate growth and profit.